Electrical Wiring Looms & Harness

As a local manufacture we stand proud of our quality and competitive nature. Our focus on keeping work local with high quality standards reflects with a positive attitude from our customers, office and production staff and our suppliers.

Fibre Optic Lighting

The extreme versatility of fibre optic lighting allows it to be used to great effect in virtually any application. Over the years we’ve worked on a brilliant array of fibre optic lighting projects including: Automotive, marine and aero transport lighting features.

Natural daylight delivery systems

Visible to road-users by day and night. Enables the rider to indicate their intentions for direction turning. The indicators are operable via a control panel mounted to the handle bars. The units run on rechargeable batteries.

Fabric coverings

Our latest range of ambient wall and ceiling coverings are perfect accompaniments to our selection of fibre optic and natural daylighting technologies.Designed for homes, shops, offices, restaurants, hospitals and hotels, these stunning fabrics enable.


Who we are

Natural light indoors
Welcome To The Fibre Optic Cable Pty Ltd
An innovative company providing solutions and designs for the architectural, commercial, automotive and mining industries amongst others for Australia and projects to international clients. Products produced from the Melbourne based facility range from Natural daylight delivery systems, Fibre optic lighting and Electrical wiring looms and harnesses. Fibre Optic Cable Pty Ltd continues to be a privately Australian owned Family business commencing its operations in 1992. The expansion of the two divisions LightEFX and Harntec is still operated at the one facility allowing full overview of designs, concepts and product manufacturing.
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Why Choose Us

  1. Patent technologies in Natural daylighting systems
  2. Patent technology in fibre optic lighting
  3. Supply and service globally
  4. Supply and service domestic, commercial and infrastructure projects
  5. Manufacture to the aftermarket and OEM's